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Education System

Best Education System In India

Education plays a very important role in one’s life, the future of any country lies. On how well-develope is the education system of that country. Education was a foundation of our life because its need is in every field, an educated person can invent new technology, and make a new plan in development.

The today’s education system is more into theoretical, which results ina lack of skills in our Youth. We can say half of the Population does not even access to proper education, and only a small portion can go to university. Even there is a lack of quality primary education for the poor and there are limited seats in Universities.

Now-a days reservation system also hampers our education system a lot, as good students sometimes, don’t get the chance which they deserve. Which somewhere demotivates them. Another factor we can say is pressure from parents to use education for financial security which lowers the interest level of students in their studies.

We need a reformation in our education. Education should not be only bookish information. There are types of education like Personal, professional, value-based’ and social. Value-based and social makes you a good citizen.

These are very helpful in our education. If we talk about government schools and colleges, it has become very important for them to provide quality education to everyone regardless of one’s ability to pay.

The first thing in our education system after 8th-10th it should be decided in which direction the students have to move according to his interest level. Education should be jobbed oriented. New technologies should be introduced for improvements in students’ education.

Nowadays lack of dedication. In teachers, it is also increasing. It is important to develop an education system in which teachers are given some responsibility along with making the students an educated citizen. Teachers must be provided with training.

Education priority is very necessary for our country because it is a medium of country growth. The government should be concern about this. We should use new technology in the education system. We have to inspire other countries. As a result when we are educating then only give good education, and ritual to our child.

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